Write Your Way to Fame: Beginners Guide To Freelance Writing

Any normal human being with a good knowledge of the English language and proper grammar can become a freelance content writer. This kind of job is more or less like fishing you have to find the right bait under the different condition to catch fish.

If someone wants to become a freelance writer first, one should know the content given and research about the content, then write the content such that the article conveys all the areas of the given topic as I said earlier it is like fishing, patience is the key.

You don’t have to worry too much, like many I was a noob once but working under companies like my essay services etc. worked out great for me.

Now let’s get started,’

What is freelancing?

Providing different clients with writing services on a given topic or on different keywords according to the demands of the client.

Things you need to do freelancing


  • Computer/laptop
  • Mail address
  • Web internet connection
  • Bank account
  • Blog (optional)
  • The person should have the desire to write

These are all the basic things you need to start the freelancing experience, rest you learn by getting personal experience and doing work.

Now let’s get to the main thing how to make money by doing freelance writing.


How to make money through freelance writing?

Review writing

I made my money mainly by writing reviews for different companies according to the product; there are many types of review writing like blogging, product review etc.


After starting my freelance writing I started to blog, it may seem bogus to some of you but I can grantee from my personal experience, bloggers become big in the long run. If someone is thinking of blogging for money think not start working, blogs are the new hype.

Find freelance writing jobs

I made my carrier as a freelancer by starting working for company myessayservices.com/. Company’s like this helps to build your knowledge base and helps you to get exposure to this type of job profile.

If anyone of the readers is interested they can, you can tune into companies like express writing, iwriter, myessayservices and drop your cv.

Hope you find this article helpful and best of luck in your freelancing job.

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