The 2-week Diet: Effective for People with Any BMI Above 25.0

Weight loss is defined generically and scientifically in different manner. When someone having bulky body has been successful in attaining lean body, he is she is considered to have lost his or her weight. Scientifically, body mass index (BMI) is taken as a key factor to measure body weight. It divides an individual into three categories based on BMI which considers age, height and sex of an individual to determine BMI-based body weight. 2-week dietThus, an individual can be normal weight, overweight or obese for BMI range 18.5 to 24.9, 25.0 to 29.9, and over 30.0 respectively. BMI for underweight has not been defined.

BMI – the parameter for body weight

Body mass index (BMI) is a yardstick which is used by doctors for overweight and obese individuals. BMI has no unit of weight measurement because it is an index which generally considers weight in kilograms, but weight in pounds can also be used to determine this index. BMI charts are drawn and are available on many medical and general websites for people to check their body weight status. 2-week dietBMI is the right parameter which can be used before joining some weight loss program because it provides precise information.

Weight loss program for every BMI above 25.0

The overweight condition is adverse but obese condition is worst. The effective steps depend on the BMI status of an individual. If someone is in category of obese, the situation is hard to combat, but there are weight loss programs that work for every type of BMI. 2 week diet is one program which can help even obese people to reduce their weight effectively. This is a simple program which is convenient to adopt by anyone without a hassle because the 2-week diet doesn’t impose much restrictions, the thing which you would like in this program. This program is effective to get rid of stubborn belly fat which is not manageable by many other methods.

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